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Mission And Purpose

about us

Revolutionizing the financial industry

Our mission is to transform the financial industry through a commitment to collaboration and unwavering transparency. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and tapping into the boundless creativity of a diverse and skilled community. This is achieved by disseminating elegant open-source engineering to a global network of quantitative finance experts. We aim to foster an environment where individuals are encouraged to stretch their limits, gain acknowledgment for their contributions, and reap the rewards while connecting with like-minded individuals who share their interests.


24/7 Customer Service

Create comprehensive, interactive, and all encompassing customer service personnel to guide and support our growing customer base.



Scale dataset marketplace from 50 datasets to 2,000+, eliminating ETL (extract transform load) to save engineers millions of hours of meaningless work.


Low-Barrier Entry

Our EAST Sonic is offered to all levels of investors from sophisticated traders and portfolio managers to the retail investors.


Trading Integrations

We only integrate our system to reliable, trustworthy, stable and secure brokers around the world.

In Collaboration

Radical Openness And Community

The finance industry has been notably hesitant to adopt open-source practices, often bound by legacy software systems deemed too perilous to modify. This resistance leads to the replication of technology stacks, resulting in avoidable risks, stasis, and operational inefficiencies. Countless organizations engage in proprietary integrations for identical connectivity and data transformations, further exacerbating this issue.

We are at the forefront of ushering in a fresh era of open infrastructure in the field of quantitative finance.

We Believe

The Future Of Investment Will Be Automated

With the ongoing expansion of alternative data and the prevalence of artificial intelligence in quantitative investments, the importance of automation cannot be overstated. It is essential for reducing investment expenses and optimizing investor returns. Given the need to process vast quantities of data, computational methods are indispensable.

Our open-source platform enables emerging companies to adopt state-of-the-art quantitative technology and flourish in the digital era.


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